Finally! Samson is super suspicious of everything that’s been going on but as usual, he missing the mark and looking in all the wrong places. Delilah is moving to execute her task by any means necessary and in the end, it is Samson who realizes just how ignorant he had been. Will the great romance of Samson and Delilah be no more? We sure hope so!

Judges 13-16 (All Bible Scriptures will be read independently on a bonus episode available every Tuesday, following the audio drama episodes)

Samson played by Dr. Oscar Williams

Delilah played by Kimberly Nicole

Samson’s Father played by Mike Ernest

Lawyer James played by Gestion Pierre

Federal Marshall played by Jarrett Burgess

Intro Instrumental by : Genius Art (Kalvin Hobbs)
Instagram: Kalvin Hobbs (@officialgeniusart) • Instagram photos and videos

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