Delilah kicks it up a notch trying to convince Samson to trust her and tell all of his secrets. Samson is still smitten and misses all of the signs that something is off with Delilah, he even ignores the warning of his father- yet again. Samson is continuing to fight for the common man and change the structure of their oppressive government when all he really wants to do is spend more time with Delilah. With that being said, Delilah finally gets what she wants… or does she?

Judges 13-16 (All Bible Scriptures will be read independently on a bonus episode available every Tuesday, following the audio drama episodes)

Samson played by Dr. Oscar Williams

Delilah played by Kimberly Nicole

Samson’s Father played by Mike Ernest

Lawyer James played by Gestion Pierre

Federal Marshall played by Jarrett Burgess

Intro Instrumental by : Genius Art (Kalvin Hobbs)
Instagram: Kalvin Hobbs (@officialgeniusart) • Instagram photos and videos

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